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> 70MHz IF SAW filters

> 70MHz Low-loss IF SAW Filters

> 115MHz IF SAW filters

> 140MHz Low-loss IF SAW Filters

> 140MHz IF SAW filters

> CDMA450 Series RF SAW Filters

> 160MHz IF SAW filters

> RF SAW Filters

> Under 100MHz SAW Filters

> Cavity Products

> Over 100MHz SAW Filters

> Dielectric Product

> RF Switches

> Digital Step Attenuators

> RF Module


> SAW  Technology

> Package

> RoHS

> ISO9001:2000

> ISO14001:2004



> SIPAT successfully developed CSP SAW filter(1411,1109
package,etc),based on GPS,GSM,CDMA,mobile phone,etc
> SIPAT Successfully Developed 2-inch and 4-inch C-Axis
   Sapphire Crystal.
> Meet at 2011,international microwave symposium.
> Receives Best Support Supplier Award from Huawei.
> Seek agencies in Europe and North America.
> SIPAT finish 70Mhz and 140Mhz Low-loss SMD filter.   
 The Ultrasonic Electronic Institute of Chinese Acoustical Society

        The Ultrasonic Electronic Institute of Chinese Acoustical Society, who is Ultrasonic electronics professional, and also the organization of the scientists of industry and academic activities and exchange of academic. The academic and technological fields covered by surface acoustic wave(SAW) and SAW devices, crystals and ceramic devices, and Acoustooptic technology, basic theory and materials, manufacturing technology and their applications. Now it’s handled by CETC No.26 Research Institute.   More details...


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